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Medical Emergency & Resignation

My Fellow Sacramento MBCA Members:

Pursuant to my Oncologist's Order, I am being admitted to Sutter Hospital in Sacramento for at least a month.

Due to this Medical Emergency, I extended my resignation to our Western Regional Director and the Board of MBCA - Sacramento Section effective immediately.

Please support our new President, Mike Proctor, and the other Board Members.  

Nancy and I hope to see you at an MBCA Event in the Future.

Creighton Fong

March 21, 2019

Creighton Fong

February President's Update

To all Members:

Just a quick update:

1. Thanks to all that have submitted names of their Associate Members.  This helps me and other officers being able to greet the both of you by first names.  The only problem, which is MBCA's problem is that thee is no way to get their emails, if they wish to receive their own copy of any correspondence from National or Section, onto our club roster.  (Hopefully they will update this soon.)  If you wish to have the Associate Member's email on our roster, you will need to contact MBCO National Offfice (800) 637-2360.


2. Remember our FSD tomorrow - again, Rain or Shine:

Meeting  at Starbucks 505 Davis Street. Vacaville, CA 95688.

We will depart promptly at 10am so arrive early for tire kicking and catching up. Our drive will take us on some back roads we have traveled before but in the opposite direction than normal. The drive is just about 60 miles from the start to our finish in the little town of Winters, Ca. Here we will have a no host lunch at the restaurant of your choice. The selection includes The Putah Creek Cafe, Ocean Restaurant (Chinese), Tomats California Cuisine, Preserve Bar & Eatery, Ficelle (Mexican) and more. Bring your favorite or most reliable Mercedes and join us for some winter time wandering.

Official Lunch will be at the Putah Creek Cafe, 1 Main St Winters

If there is a big crowd the other restaurants are an option.

3. The next Board of Directors Meeting will be held this Wednesday, February 6 at the Event/Community Center at the Raley's location at 4650 Natomas Blvd., Sacramento beginning at 11:00 a.m.


All members are invited and get involved to help the Board guide our Section through 2019

I have enclosed the Agenda for your information as to what will be discussed.  If you have any comments, suggestions and cannot attend the meeting, please forward them to me or another Board Member.  The only restriction for non-Board Members is that you cannot vote for anything that requires Board approval.  Again, if you wish to volunteer to be on any committee, including heading up the committee; e.g. Social, 50th Anniversary, Holiday Party - also let us know.


If you plan to attend, please let me know as there is limitation on space.





Creighton Fong, President

January 2019 President's Update

Happy New Year to all that did not participate in Jan's FSD.  We had a great time with 8 cars and 14 members on a dry January Sunday from Granite Bay to Shingle Springs.  Remember our Feb FSD being led by Kirk Summitt along with his navigator Judy - info can be found in our Dec Capitol Star Newsletter and our Website. A followup email that will be sent closer to the date.

Speaking of FSD, John Williams will be handling our March FSD and this information will be available soon on our website along with an email followup prior to the drive.

On Wednesday, Feb 6 our Section will have its first 2019 Board Meeting.  The meeting is open to all members with an agenda that includes planning the remainder of 2019 Driving, Technical and Social Events - including our Big 50 and Holiday Celebration. 

The meeting will be held in the Event Center (Community Room) located inside Raleys on 4650 Natomas Blvd from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. with a no-host lunch for those that want to get a sandwich, coffee/pastry or whatever is for sale there to eat/drink.

Scheduled for Sat. June 15 is a special Wine and Cheese Event for a maximum of 20 people to be held at Judd's Hill Winery in Napa.  Detailed information appears at the end of this email and reservations are now being taken for the remaining 18 spots open.

As this Section is every member's Club, I just want to update everyone on our "Not For Profit Tax Status" (Tax-Exempt) and our status with MBCA.  In conversations with the Franchise Tax Board, our Club's Tax-Exempt status was revoked in 2017 due to non filing of our organization's annual reporting for 2014 through 2016 and also 2017.  Our Treasurer, Pam and myself should be completing and filing all the remaining past due forms with any applicable penalties and/or fines in addition to reapplying for our Tax-Exempt status by the end of this month.  Our Year End 2018 forms will also be filed at that time bringing our Section completely up to date.  Pursuant to the notice that were sent in the past to our Club, we have a maximum exposure of $800 per year for Franchise Taxes - hopefully we will not have this imposed on us.  Our requirements as a MBCA Section is to have a minimum of a quarterly newsletter to members sent by mail and/or electronically and submitting a yearly report of cash flow.  Completing these requirements will result in our Section receiving our quarterly rebate, which comes from membership fees paid to MBCA,  We are now current with all reporting and our 2018 Cash Flow Report will be flied by the end of this month resulting in having received all rebates due our Section for 2018.

Speaking about MBCA and membership fees;

1. Please insure that your profile information is up to date with MBCA which maintains our Section's Membership Database.  This includes your correct address, email, phone number and optionally your Associate Member's information and your inventory of Mercedes vehicles.

2. Extra month's membership if your renewal is received by MBCA before January 31: Renew for 2 years - receive an extra month's membership; Renew for 3 years - receive two extra month's membership.  You can renew online or contact MBCA NBO for more information.

The Section has had, among other Mercedes items two banners which have not been seen for many years (and some items lost).  I asked if any member would possibly construct a collapsible stand/holder so that the banner can be transported and displayed at our Events.  Well, as a good wife, Pam volunteered her husband Urban Janssen.  Urban has now completed this project and will bring and unveil it at Feb's FSD.  Additionally, Urban not only donated his time in designing and constructing the stand, but has contributed the cost of the materials he purchased - Thanks Urban & Pam!!  (Note: It is planned that we will have on our website a voluntary picture roster of members and their car/cars with our banner as well as updating the current pictures.on our website.)

In closing, for those that did not hear, congratulations to Allen Wrenn - the winner of the 2018 MBCA Raffle - albeit, the number of entries did not meet the number required, so no new 2019 Mercedes for Allen to let everyone test drive, but he did win in lieu of the MBZ - $$$$!!

See everyone at Your Feb FSD and/or Board Meeting. 




MBCA Sacramento Section – President’s Special Event

Nancy & I belong to various wine clubs in the Napa Valley.  I was able to secure a great discount for a Private Mercedes Group “Wine and Food in Balance Seminar” to be held at Judds Hill Winery in Napa on Saturday, June 15, 2019 beginning when our caravan arrives there between 11:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.  Our drive to Napa is still being planned, but will leave from Davis/Winters via the Lake Berryessa area to Napa.


Judds Hill Winery it is a boutique winery that also will be celebrating an Anniversary in 2019 – their 30th.  The Finkelstein family were previous owners of Whitehall Lane Winery, also in Napa Valley.


What is a “Wine and Food in Balance Seminar”?  It is a casual and fun seminar, led by a professional wine educator who will give you all the skills you need to confidently pair wine with your favorite foods.  By understanding the dominant features found in different wines and how they are impacted by various food flavors, a new level of food and wine pairing confidence will be achieved by every participant in this 90-minute plus wine and food flavors tasting experience.  During this seminar, five Judds Hill wines will be paired with various food selections, each different that will enhance the wine experience.  Additional wine tasting and purchase of wines at a discount will also be available to those that attend.

Tickets to this Seminar/Tasting are normally $65 per person as noted on their website, however we have arranged this Private Mercedes Group Event at a cost of $50 per member and, also $50 for one guest.  This event is limited on a first come basis to twenty (20) Sacramento Section Members and guests – actually 18 spaces as Nancy & I will be going, until March 1, 2019.  (After March 1 – this event will be opened to additional guests and other MBCA Sections and other Mercedes Clubs on space available basis.) 


Additional information about Judds Hill Winery can be found at  


To reserve your space for this Wine Experience, please complete and mail the reservation form along with a check, payable to MBCA Sacramento Section to our Treasurer:  Pamela Janssen, 326 Elliot St., Woodland, CA  95695.


(Note: If you need further information, feel free to contact me - Creighton)



MCBA Judds Hill Winery – Wine and Food in Balance Seminar


Member Name:       _______________________________________


Other Name:            _______________________________________



                                          Total Attendees ____  X $50.00 =  $______






Creighton Fong - President