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Reply to a Letter to the Editor published in the September/October issue of The Star

For those that read in the Letters to the Editor section in the latest issue of The Star, I believed that a reply was warranted and wrote the following reply immediately to any and all.  I trust that this reply will be published in the next Star, but wanted to share it now with our Sacramento Section Membership. 

Additionally, I contacted both National and Regional asking if the Editor even advised them receipt of this letter, and that he would publish it – The Answer was NO!  I then asked National to place this issue on the agenda for their next meeting as to the responsibility of the Editor to give the National Board a copy of any and all complaints, whether to be published or not for review and possible action.  I believe in the First Amendment, however, if you are the Editor (and paid employee?) of an Organization, you should have the substance to know that some action needs to be done by National and Sectional about the issues raised, in this case by Mr. Nissari,, while also blindsiding the Section Club.  If this were done, the possibility that this negative letter would not have been published.


Dear Mr. Nissari:

My name is Creighton Fong and on behalf of the Sacramento Section of MBCA apologize to you for the problems you endured in trying to become a member of our Section.  There has been a lack of communication, not only externally, but internally within our Section with communication non-existent from the previous President and other Officers.  Yes, we have not had a Newsletter, nor any postings to both our Website and Facebook page, for yes, again as correctly stated in your letter - For Over a Year!  In fact, not even a "Welcome to our Section" has been sent from the Board to our new members which number almost 25 in 2018.


Both the Treasurer and I were just informed late last week that the President over this period had left our Section earlier in August.  The Section is now under my leadership, albeit only for the last five days, until we hold our elections for the 2019 Board for which I have stated my candidacy to continue in the Office of President.


I have discussed The State of the Section with our new Regional Director and also others back at National Office.  We expect to correct all the problems we have had over the past few years in due time, with the first item on my To Do List - "Begin lines of communication between the Officers and Membership".  This includes resuming our Newsletter this month, having a lunch with our Sacramento membership also this month, acknowledging our new members on a monthly basis while also communicating by email to members.  However, our Section's Facebook and Website will be dormant until we find someone that is knowledgeable to assume the responsibilities to maintain our internet presence with a target date of January 2019.


The problems you encountered gives me mixed feelings; glad that you are enjoying your membership in the San Francisco Section, but still upset that these external problems were not addressed by anyone and your frustration leading to your Letter to the Editor, which was your prerogative. I do know that your issue, and possibly other similar or different incidents were never advised to other leaders of the Sacramento Section as no one at the Regional or National were aware of any of the updated contacts for the Sacramento Section. Now that both Regional and National have our updated Officers and Contact List, this should rectify the issue and not being repeated in the future.


In closing, Mr. Nissari, I just want to remind you that a member from any MBCA Section can freely attend an event, driving or social, schedule by any other MBCA Section.  Lou will again be getting our Newsletter so he can advise you and others in the San Francisco Section as to the Sacramento Section Events, and I invite you to drive an hour less and join us in 2019 for at least one of these Sacramento Section Events.





Creighton Fong

President - MBCA Sacramento Section”


President of Sacramento Section

Creighton Fong, President