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A Visis To The Wine Country

A Visis To The Wine Country

Sunday, August 2, 2020 -
10:30am to 2:30pm
St Helena

A visit to the Wine Country

Our First Sunday Drive for August led us through some of my favorite roads. We left Davis, CA along Russell Blvd (the remnants of the old US 40), to meander a bit among some of the farmland. UC Davis, incidentally, is known for 2 things – well, 3. It has a first rate veterinary school, an agricultural school including wine-making (years ago, I met the manager of a Melbourne, Australia winery who was a UC Davis grad), and… cyclists. Davis, CA has to be the bicycle capital of the country. It is not unusual to be 50-75 miles away on some back roads and see a crowd of cyclists along the road – so caution is necessary. 

As usual, we had a wonderful assortment of Mercedes, and one distant cousin from across town in the suburb of Zuffenhausen. As she wasn’t an unknown cousin, with occasional communication and mutual visits  back and forth across town, the cousin was welcome.

Anyway, we went through the farmland, including one field used for experimentation by the University, and got onto a California secondary highway, CA 128. That led us up into the Coast Ranges, past the massive Lake Berryessa and the dam that made it possible (Monticello), and finally down into the Napa Wine country.

You know you are in the Napa wine country with a turn to Zinfandel Drive, which led us to St Helena and a local favorite, Gotts.

To call Gott’s a “hamburger stand” is doing it an injustice, although their main faire is hamburgers, hot dogs and tacos. Being the center of the wine country, a full complement of Napa wines was offered, along with a lush acre or 2 park with plenty of shaded picnic tables, which was appreciated in this COVID-19 era. The cheese burger, incidentally, was delicious.

Going back for me was memorable – relying on Siri, who must have had some of that wine as she (Australian female Siri), took me back the “less traveled” way, including a stretch that was maybe 200 yards from a freeway off ramp. Siri took me hither and yon, mostly yon.

But, it was a nice day and the top was down on the SL.

My thanks for to Melinda and Kris for making this drive possible.