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National Business Office (NBO)

Name Responsibilities Email

Kathryn Carruth

Executive Director


Natalija Christ

Operations Director


National Board of Directors

Name Responsibilities Email
Drew Webb Vice President Contact
William Parrish Secretary Contact
Charles Woods Treasurer Contact
Jason Burton Director at Large Contact
Ernie Fancy Director at Large Contact
James Roberts Director at Large Contact
Julie Bruggner Ex-Officio Contact

Regional Directors

Name Responsibilities Email
Michael Georgewsky Northeast Region Contact
Bill Fisher Mid-Atlantic Region Contact
Diana Quinn Eastern Region Contact
David Wommer Southeast Region Contact
Ken Koehler Central Region Contact
Jeffrey Hirst Great Lakes Region Contact
Drew Webb Midwest Region Contact
Brett Jurick South Central Region Contact
Steve Dierks Rocky Mountain Region Contact
Ron Borino Southwest Region Contact
Drew Webb Western Region Contact
Jeff Shindler Northwest Region Contact

Educational Foundation

Name Responsibilities Email
Bryan Gunning President Contact
Barry Patchett Secretary Contact
James Walrath Treasurer Contact
Open Vice President Contact


Name Responsibilities Email
The StarĀ® Editor Editor Contact
Carla Kalogeridis Advertising Sales Manager Contact
Weston Kalogeridis Advertising Sales Rep Contact
Charlton Calhoun Advertising Sales Rep Contact

Committee Chairs

Name Responsibilities Email
Ginny Pitzen Awards Contact
Charles Woods Budget Contact
Steve Ross Election Contact
Josie Lesler Enthusiasts Contact
Richard Huskey Membership Contact
Peter Lesler National Concours Contact
Cliff Reyle Personnel Contact
George Murphy Technical/Restoration Contact
Jim Roberts Performance Driving Contact
Jason Burton Driving Skills Contact
Diana Quinn Technology Contact
Julie Bruggner Strategic Planning (Governance Sub Committee) Contact
Roger Brummett National Events Contact
Laura Simonds Governance Committee Contact